Sunday, May 21, 2017
Gyoza no Ohsho

Afternoon peeps! It's Sunday, I am back here for another weekly update. This week has been a short week for me, I just finished my first paper on Wednesday. I have 2 more papers this coming week and after those papers, I will be free as a bird. I will be starting to train for Newton Challenge 2017 and Standard Chartered Singapore marathon 2017 soon, probably in August. Anyway, in this short post, I will be sharing more about my visit to Gyoza no Ohsho (餃子の王将) located in Cuppage Plaza, Orchard Road.

I have visited the cafe several times and I thought it's time to update my last post on Gyoza no Ohsho. So yesterday, I had my dinner at the cafe again. This time round, I ordered the Kyshuu Tonkotsu Ramen (九州豚骨ラーメン). The ramen cost me S$15.00 and I topped up with a plate of gyoza at S$5.00. Afterall, gyoza is their signature dish here. Hahas.

My dinner

The foods came within 15 minutes and the staffs were friendly too. Food-wise, it was really tasty and pricing wise is really affordable compared to many other ramen restaurants in Singapore. What you see on the menu is what you going to pay for. There is no service charge nor add-on government taxes. I enjoyed my dinner here and I believed you guys would too.

It was crowded even after I left at around 2030 hrs

Previous visit

Some readers may know this chain restaurant if you visited Japan before. The cafe only has an outlet in Singapore if I am not wrong and thus, it's very crowded during dinner timing. In Japan, there are many outlets and they run by similar concept with Yoshinoya and other beef bowl restaurant chains. Thus, they are opened till late night in Japan.

One of Gyoza no Ohsho's outlet in Japan

I have come to the end of this short post. I will be back next week for another weekly update, so please come back again! Cheers!

Cuppage @ night

Gyoza no Ohsho
5 Koek Road #01-10, Cuppage Plaza
Singapore 228796

Operating Hours:
Mon - Sat: 1130 hrs to 0200 hrs
Sun: 1200 hrs to 0000 hrs

Click the below link to read about my previous visit

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