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Shopping at Don Don Donki

Evening peeps, I am back for another quick update. In this short post, I will be posting about the newly opened "Don Don Donki" in Orchard Central. Last Sunday, I paid my first visit to the store with complimentary accompany by Can-san. The 2-floor store consists of many stuffs from food products to home essentials.

Popular Japanese strawberries

Seafood corner

Don Don Donki (ドン・ドン・ドンキ) was brought in by the founder of ever popular Don Quijote (ドンキホーテ) in Japan. In Japan, the store sells almost everything from snacks, clothings and home items. The same concept was brought into Singapore and one of the key items of the store is their luggage section. Apparently, I was told by Can that every Don Quijote stores in Japan will surely sell luggages. So it's a must here in Singapore too. The reason that the brand is so recognised by Japanese is due to its cheap prices and reasonable quality.

The first day of the official opening, the crowd were so overwhelmed till moving around the store is difficult. The craze slowly died down after few days. My visit was on the 7th day or 8th day since it opened. Many of the good stuffs are already sold out on the shelves. That's how crazy cheap compared to Daiso, Meidi-Ya and Isetan. Tohato Caramel Corn snack is selling at S$1.70, cheaper than Daiso by S$0.30 and Isetan by S$0.20. Though, we cannot compare this price with the actual price in Japan but it's definitely the cheapest you can find in Singapore.

Tons of Caramel Corn

I also recommend buying the Calpis (カルピス) because so far, this is the only place in Singapore which I can get Calpis drink. If you haven't tried Calpis before, it's a drink that tasted almost similar to Yakult but less the nutrients and minerals. However, it's still nice to drink.


Cute Donki plushie

Famous Japanese Kitsune Udon

Popular Japanese corn snack!

Big Look pack found!

Other than snacks and drinks, the beauty section also covered considerable items from Japan. Brands such as Hada Labo and Curel can be spotted on the shelves. Beauty eye masks were sold out fast and it's one of the must buys in the store. Another section in the store which one may be interested is the stationery section. Though you can get Japanese stationery these days at Tokyu Hands and Popular, Don Don Donki's ones may be cheaper at some point.

Like other brands, Don Don Donki also offer its customers a free-to-download app on IOS and Android that enables them to earn points if they shop at Don Don Donki. Below is a short vlog on my first shopping haul at Don Don Donki. Please support me by subscribing to my Youtube channel! :D

Curel Products

My first shopping haul

I have come to the end of this short post, I hope my first post on Don Don Donki will give you a rough idea what the store is about and do come back soon for another updates! Cheers!

Superb raved sweet potato!

This tasted really delicious!

Ending this post with this Yaki Soba!

Click below for Japanese version!

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